Bonzaii ‘From Misfortune to Merger’: Case Study

In this article, we look back at one of our many successful experiences; guiding a Norwegian advertising company away from the realm of misunderstanding between their in-house operations team and their outsourced developers in Asia. By establishing a common language between the two, we contributed to better systems and a successful merger with one of the region’s bigger media companies.

Who are Bonzaii?

As an Oslo-based content marketing firm, Bonzaii had big ambitions for their IT – and they wanted it to play an even bigger role in the company’s future. Their competence was in producing high-quality communication across various platforms with the purpose of increasing their partners’ commercial reach. Competing against the media behemoths, they wanted to create a platform for commercially focussed journalistic content to be placed directly on the largest websites in Norway.

Where did Architechs come in?

We were tasked with optimising Bonzaii’s systems to the extent of the bigger media groups in Scandinavia – with a slightly more modest budget …

The Solution

In a tale as old as time; smaller, effective businesses can struggle to get their voices heard in an industry saturated by the big players. Fortunately, IT doesn’t discriminate. A well-maintained system can boost businesses into the realm of their resource-rich competitors. All it takes is the right team for the job – and an honest way of allocating the budget.

Architechs were introduced when costs from their other supplier were markedly higher than the market rate. The company wanted a more sustainable platform, as well as a partner that understood their software more intimately than a regular ‘hoster’.

We sat with Bonzaii to develop a plan. We agreed: start from scratch, and reduce costs by £3000, while delivering effective IT solutions. The result: the platform’s traffic grew up to 1 billion ad views a month – peaking at an exceptionally high 1.5 billion ad views for the budget.

We also suggested that Architechs take an administrative role – not simply content with managing, but leading aspects of their IT solutions. With access to Bonzaii’s systems, and a can-do attitude to strategise and accelerate IT plans along with their development teams, this is how we grew their systems to the point where they were purchased and merged into Aller Media’s large portfolio of advertising companies.

Success in Scandinavia

Bonzaii had chosen to outsource their IT to capable developers in India, a decision that carried with it certain pros and cons. When working with multiple, sometimes international, IT teams – the real challenge is in getting everyone to work at the same pace.

To improve communication, the company enlisted us as an acting CTO, putting pressure on the Indian development team to get the most productivity, and to keep their systems in-line with those being optimised back in Scandinavia. We sat on all sides of the table, working with the development teams and feeding back to the operational end in Norway.

It was a tale of three partners – no ‘us or them’. We understood that each side was capable of delivering; there just needed to be harmony for developers to focus on the best tool to withstand a sudden acceleration in traffic. Our expertise won over, and improved efficiency between Bonzaii’s representatives in Norway and Asia.

Time is Money

Our work didn’t stop there, however. We took our role as a ‘technology leveller’ further. Bonzaii granted our team of experts’ close cooperation, trusting us to take charge of big decisions that could affect the team in Norway and the development team in India.

When technical faults or system errors were identified, we cut time spent making decisions by proactively informing the development team and having it sorted as quickly as possible – without waiting for Bonzaii’s instructions.

This meant that Bonzaii’s domestic team could focus on other important jobs, rather than spending time going back-and-forth to understand what exactly the technical issue was. And then, more importantly: what to do about it.

These questions were left up to us to handle. And as a result, time was freed up to put employee efforts into the daily growth of the company, rather than distracting them with the intricacies of information technology.

End Game

Thanks to continuing growth in traffic, Bonzaii captured the attention of Norwegian media company Egmont Publishing. In 2017, with a well-oiled IT system in place, we helped them transition into their new home. From there, the departments within Egmont have jurisdiction over how technology is approached in line with their larger IT ambitions.

For us at Architechs, our work nurturing their independent IT systems to a wider competitive field was a success.
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