4 Steps to Success in Switzerland

  • by Jan-Aage Frydenbø-Bruvoll
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On a daily basis, we have the pleasure of working closely alongside Tamedia and their development team. In this article we cover some of the challenges faced by the company, and the four steps we took to optimise their IT systems. Based in Zurich, Switzerland, Tamedia is the leading private media group in Switzerland. The digital platforms, daily and weekly newspapers and magazines of Tamedia offer overview, classification and selection.


When we began as a supplier, the company identified a classic responsibility triangle. Between the customer and their local ISP, we were employed primarily as an application level support organisation. On the other end, Tamedia used a local ISP for hosting and hardware support.

Challenges soon surfaced. With two technology solutions providers, valuable time was spent in delegating the tasks. It was evident that there was a level of miscommunication in regards to who would be on hand to pick up a certain problem.

Having two brains is generally better than one. But two different suppliers for one field of competence made it hard to coordinate work effectively across the established boundaries.

Tamedia understood that our proficiency stretched beyond the services offered by their ISP. With their trust, we took a leading role in everything IT; from hardware and repair to inside-the-application support around the clock.


From day one, Architechs committed to optimising Tamedia’s IT. With four successful steps, we established ourselves as an external supplier that has the same level of trust as many internal departments. Here’s how we did it…

1. Centralised Expertise

By allowing Architechs to deal with all IT operational problems, the teams at Tamedia, including their technical departments, have more time to focus on the kinds of decisions that move the company forward in other ways. In the meantime, our expertise can be called upon directly if any technical faults affect their IT systems.

Centralising a field of expertise to one supplier removes noise. It also allows us to have a better familiarity of Tamedia’s platforms, ensuring that the time spent identifying what the issue is, is left at a minimum – allowing us to get their systems up and running again as quickly as possible.

2. Teamwork

We’re confident in our capacity to work alone. But close daily co-operation with Tamedia’s development teams means a more transparent – and communicative – relationship, with the effect of enhancing technology’s’ role in core business. As a consultant, one of our foremost tasks is to collaborate and influence, or advise, key decisions. This is all done in a friendly and respectful manner.

Teamwork works. Any leading company worth their salt recognises this. As a result, efficiency between Tamedia and their IT has shot up.

Production issues will normally be on the table with the correct team or person responsible within the hour. And with ongoing communication, new releases can be tightly scheduled.

3. Trust

It is testament to Tamedia’s persistence on their digital platforms, and our own capabilities, that a level of trust has been built across departments. Architechs was shared access and responsibility on the applications and systems level. By removing some of the more time-constraining barriers to information, and putting their faith in our best-practise, our processes can be sped up substantially. When resources may be temporarily scarce, we have enabled the correct people to step in.

In the meantime, we have acted ethically with consumer data – and been able to fortify and secure systems as we see best.

4. Strategic Co-operation

Two heads work better than one, of course. This goes for our relationship with Tamedia’s development teams. When the first three steps have been put firmly in motion, the magic happens.

As a point of differentiation, we were not only content repairing hardware and maintaining the company’s current systems, but we also wanted to work closely with the development teams on a strategic level. This merging of minds has avoided, or forecasted, operational issues before they’ve had a chance to happen. We are also constantly discussing and brainstorming new ways for IT to innovate within the business. Together, we can conclude on which new technologies are worth implementing, and which to avoid – as well as optimising current systems to their full potential.

Our ongoing success with Tamedia’s systems is really a tale of trust. They have trusted us to deliver a competent service, not only for the short-term tactics but in the long-term too. On the other end, Architechs relies on Tamedia to leave much of the key IT decisions in ours, and the development teams, hands; to handle hardware repairs, maintain current systems, and advise on future strategies. As a direct result, their IT continues to be at the frontier of technology trends – always at the service of their business value, and never, ever outdated.

If you’d like to get in touch and learn more about how our effectively designed IT solutions can make a difference to your business and free up more of your time, email me at jan@architechs.eu or call us at +44 1892 886350.

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