Architechs Services

Fixing today; future proofing tomorrow

Sure, Architechs is available for operational support. But we do much more than that. What excites us the most is helping you uncover the business decisions that keep your IT efficient and effective – and always ahead of the IT curve. To do this properly, we follow a three step process that ensures your teams have time to lead and innovate – all in a language that makes sense to you.

Strategic support

Our business-led approach to IT keeps you agile and adaptive, guiding you safely into the future.

  • We Study: By building an understanding of your long term business needs, we identify the key areas to focus our efforts.
  • We Define: Sitting with your team, we lay out the blueprints to future-proof your company and shape your IT strategy.
  • We Deliver: We work with your organisation to transform our advice into effective action, moving you ahead of the IT curve.

Predictive support

We switch the lights on, to spot problems before they interrupt your business.

  • We Analyse: Our team works to uncover issues that haven’t yet impacted your business but could in the future.
  • We Prioritise: We then rank these scenarios on their likelihood and cost of impact.
  • We Recommend: Keeping you in-the-know about our findings help prevent and mitigate challenges that could interfere with your business.

Reactive support

Whatever breaks, we are available 24/7 to fix any faults, on hand when you need us the most.

  • We communicate: Once an issue is identified, we swiftly inform your teams in a language that makes sense, with information tailored to you.
  • We diagnose: Our experts diagnose the problem, so we can formulate the correct solution.
  • We own the fix: We take charge. This lifts the weight off of your shoulders to continue business as usual.