Established in 2003. Based in United Kingdom.


Architechs roots its approach in the understanding that IT services the business, and exists to enable the business strategies, the tactics and activities necessary to ensure the business meets these aims. To this end, Architechs works closely with the business stakeholders to understand and document the business aims, where the business is in terms of the journey to those aims and the challenges facing the business in completing what is undoubtedly a developing journey. It is the role of the lead consultant at Architechs to document our understanding of these matters through an iterative process to ensure there exists a clear context for the proposed collaboration. Once so done, Architechs turns to the IT organisation as it is today and seeks to understand their story - how does IT support the organisation today, what works, what does not work, what needs to be fixed, what needs to come across to the new platform, and what needs to be put in place or is planned to be put in place to support the business as it will be in the future.




Once the total picture is formed and agreed, Architechs will deliver a formal specification of the new platform, the migration from the former to the new platform, any and all considerations of what is to be retained from existing investment and the detailed work order for the migration & build. The specification will include all timings and costs, to include for the build and on-going costs for the operational management of the platform.

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Our specification and analysis documentation is developed and presented as a product in its own right, attracting day-rate pricing. Typically, this component attracts fees of £20,000 and is delivered with the view that as a working document it can be provided to any third party supplier as a work order to deliver against. Clearly, it is our preference to deliver the service ourselves. As such, any fees paid will be credited against the actual costs of the project when awarded to Architechs.

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