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Meet Jan, the founder of Architechs.

In this video, he addresses some common issues faced by business owners and CTOs in the pursuit of demystifying their IT solutions.

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Architechs specialises in helping large companies align business and IT, and the company has expanded quickly from its UK HQ across central Europe and Scandinavia. It has a particular focus on industries, such as publishing, where M&A activity is creating challenges for companies having to manage multiple brands and their supporting IT.

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Architechs Journal
Architechs Journal
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"Architechs have a particular knack for translating deeply technical topics into business relevant conversations, and their due diligence input is hugely valuable to us."

Kristian Øvsthus

Partner, Idekapital

Architechs has our back 24x7 - which gives us space to focus on development of our products instead of operations.

Lukas Stadler

Head of Technology, Tamedia Digital Publishing & Development

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